À la carte

Please feel free to ask us for further vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Big handmade bread with homemade butter 4.90
Small handmade bread with homemade butte 3.80


Haunch of the canard with confit of the shallot, carrot and green fig 15.70

Hand rolled couscous with asparagus, wild herbs and kalamansi 14.80

Young kohlrabi with purslane, smokde Höflmaier crème fraiche and mushrooms 15.40


Beef consommé with fresh chive 
- Semolina dumplings with bone marrow 5.20
- Kaspressknödel with mountain cheese 5.20
Pea cream soup with horseradish and lemon grass 6.80

Saddle from the young caddle with Höflmaier crème fraiche, potatoes and harissa 30.80
Schnitzel with parsley potatoes and homemade cranberry jam
- Pork 16.90
- Veal 23.80
- Salad 4.60
Roasted filet of the fish with stinging nettle risotto, leek and butter milk foam 29.80
Recommendation with Alpine sturgeon caviar from the Steyrland 5 g 16.00

Udon Bowl with sesame, bergamot, parsley and pom pom blanc from “Siglhof Pischelsdorf” and quail egg (vegan possible) 18.60
Mini gnocchi with wild garlic, “Lechthaler” brie-cream-sauce and forest honey from Munderfing from the beekeeping “Berger” 19.80

White chocolate parfait with woodruff, wine yeast and lime 15.40
Opera cuts with ice cream of tonka bean and farmer's milk 14.90
Forthuber's selection of cheese with homemade chutney, only-grain-bread and white olive bread 14.90