À la carte

Please feel free to ask us for further vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Big handmade bread with homemade butter 4.60
Small handmade bread with homemade butte 3.40

Deep fried kid from Zrill with parsley, salt lemon and pearl onion 14.90
Asparagus with bread and wild herbs 14.60

Beef consommé with fresh chive 
- Semolina dumplings with bone marrow 4.80
- Kaspressknödel with mountain cheese 4.80
Light pea cream soup with mint and yogurt 5.80

Saddle from the young caddle with Höflmaier crème fraiche, potatoes and paprika 30.80
Schnitzel with parsley potatoes and homemade cranberry jam
- Pork 15.90
- Veal 21.80
- Salad 4.60
Wild fillet of whitefish with cabbage, lemon and sour cream 28.40
Wild garlic Bowl with Udon noodles and sesame (vegan) 16.40
Asparagus risotto with young drives from spruce and mountain cheese 17.60

Mousse of caramel chocolate with cherries, long pepper and wood sorrel 14.90
Mille-feuille of bergamot, farmer’s milk and green oats 13.80