À la carte

Please feel free to ask us for further vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Big handmade bread with homemade butter 5.30
Small handmade bread with homemade butter 4.10

Roasted autumn roll with blood sausage, cabbage, mustard and lemon 17.20
Flamed salsify with pink grapefruit, leek and buckwheat 14.80
Young field salad with roasted mushrooms, Williams pear au gratin and hazelnuts 13.80

Beef consommé with chive cream
- Semolina dumplings with bone marrow   5.80
- Kaspressknödel with mountain cheese 5.80
Sour cream soup with caramelized caraway and chip of the sour dough bread 7.60
Recommended with Alpine sturgeon caviar from the Steyrland 5 g 16.00

Saddle from the young caddle with Höflmaier crème fraiche, confit potatoes and harissa 30.80
Schnitzel with parsley potatoes and homemade cranberry jam
- Pork 16.90
- Veal 24.80
- Salad 4.90

Roasted pike perch from the lake Wallersee with parsley cream, radish and "Michlbauer" bacon 32.80
Tagliatelle rolled by hand with white wine sauce, Belper Knolle (Swiss cheese from Belp) and damson 19.80
On top of the tagliatelle we recommend white Truffel from Alba or black Truffel from Piemot
vegan possible

Grapes from Pischelsdorf with farmer’s cream cheese, zabaglione and verjus 14.80
Mousse of full milk chocolate with pickled quince and carmel of sea buckthorn 15.80
Forthuber’s selection of cheese with homemade chutney and ciabatta 14.90