À la carte

Please feel free to ask us for further vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Big handmade bread with homemade butter 4.60
Small handmade bread with homemade butte 3.40

Belly of the Duroc pork with linseeds and cabbage 14.20
Roasted huchen with savoy cream, radish and greaves   14.90
Flamed celery with Kalamansi fruit, walnut and Hofkäse   12.80

Beef consommé with fresh chive
- Semolina dumplings with bone marrow       4.20
- Kaspressknödel with mountain cheese         4.20
Curry-corn cream soup with popcorn and cigar soap   5.80

Rib Eye with Höflmaier crème fraiche, potatoes and paprika 26.80
Schnitzel with parsley potatoes and homemade cranberry jam
- Pork 14.60
- Veal 20.60
- Salad 3.40
Roasted tomboy with potato cream, caper and flamed leek 26.40
Bowl with pumpkin, Udon pasta, young onion, ginger and chilli 14.80
Braised brown hare with tuber from the chervil and blackberry for 2 persons 24.60 p.p.

Caramel mousse with rootbeet sorbet, yuzu and sprouds from the Douglasie fir 13.60
White chocolate and almond nougat mousse with quince and cinnamon ice cream 14.60
Styrian blue cheese with Williams pear, radicchio and black walnuts 13.10