On request we also prepare vegetarian or vegan menus. Please inform us in advance while making the reservation.
The „grand“ menu
6 courses incl. small surprises
72.20 Euros

The small menu
3 courses incl. small surprises
(Starter or intermediate course, main dish, dessert or cheese)
52.00 Euros

“Grand” Wine pairing (1/8)
6 courses 39.00 Euros
3 courses 20.00 Euros

Small wine pairing (1/16)
6 courses 27.00 Euros
3 courses 13.00 Euros

Grias Di & Pfiat Di 4,20

Flamed black salsify with ponzu nut butter, grapefruit and sesame 13.80

Potato soup with yolk and char caviar 6.50
Alternatively we recommend 5 g sturgeon caviar from Grüll 14.00

Cauliflower with poppy and rowan berry 10.60

Forthuber’s Tapas
(only included in the “grand” menu)

Pink roasted breast of duck with spicy Brussels sprouts and and celery 34.60

Mille feuille from the Boskoop apple with yeast ice cream and wood sorrel 10.90


Styrian blue cheese with Williams pear, radicchio and black walnuts 13.10